Indian River Regulators

Cowboy Action Shooting Club

Special Message to Regulators:  The Indian River Regulators will be charging $15.00 for the November match, only. The extra $5.00 will be donated to the Marines "Toys-for-Tots".

Clarifications from the ROC - PWB reporting:
1.  Classic Cowboy & B-Western – Hats must be worn on the head, (i.e. not hanging from the neck with a stampede string).
2.  Shotgun loops on a holster are not traditional, (although revolver & rifle loops are) and therefore ammo obtained from such loops are considered to be illegally obtained and subject to full penalty, (i.e. Procedure & miss for each target hit).
3.  TO must not start a shooter in a faulted position – If scenario calls for “rifle in hand” and shooter begins with rifle on the table, shooter cannot correct the faulted position on the clock because the act of picking it up equates to the act of shooting, and the penalty is a “P”
4.  Cartridge conversion cylinder used for reload may not be carried loaded, (i.e. must follow the “pouch rule” of requiring rounds loose in a pouch, not for rapid retrieval.)
5.  Proper inspection at the Unloading Table – It was suggested that proper inspection of long arms requires working the action of a ’97 shotgun, and visibly confirming the lack of rounds in the magazine by looking at the magazine follower.
6.  Stage Convention #9 – “If no starting position is given the shooter shall stand upright with revolvers holstered,    hands at the side not touching any firearm.” If any part of the starting position is different, from the above, the remainder of the convention still stands. ( I.e. if scenario requires one hand to be touching/holding some object, the other hand must be at the side not touching any firearm.)
7.  B-Western shooting style – The B-Western category allows any style of shooting at any time, (i.e. shooter can switch from two-handed to one-handed duelist style to two handed Gunfighter style at any time during the stage.)

8.  Wild Bunch – The Henry Big Boy is now allowed as a legal gun.



In Memory of Buffalo Brady

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It has always been said that the #1 reason that we participate in Cowboy Action Shooting is The People. Some funny dressed folks don’t understand why we enjoy a shooting match that lasts 3 or 4 hours and we only spend a very few seconds or minutes actually competing. It’s the people. Those Cowboys and Cowgirls who’s company we get to enjoy while we are at the range. Buffalo Brady was the consummate Cowboy Action Shooter. A friend to all. He will be sorely missed.